360° Customer Engagement that Builds Lasting Loyalty

Turn Your Customers into Avid Brand Advocates

Smart platform that cultivates a rich review sharing culture to inspire confidence and reinforce trust in your brand

Advocacy On Social Platforms

Let your customers show off their reviews, achievements, purchases, level-ups, ‘Thank You’ notifications and badges on social media

Unlimited Reward Options

Use unlimited reward options to excite and entice your customers about sharing their reviews and refer your brand to their friends and family.


Engage your customers with fun activities and offer them dynamic rewards and incentives for exhibiting desired social behaviors.

Referral Tracking

Let your customers track the performance of their referrals and reviews with vanity referral links

Boost Brand Advocacy with Referral Rewards

We help companies to formulate strategies that boost brand advocacy by encouraging the customers to share reviews on various channels. Our AI-powered reward program further entices the users to refer the brand to their friends and family.

Our Commitment

Every Feature You Need

Our customer loyalty platform comes with a gamut of useful features. The solution is 100% scalable and customizable to fulfill any business requirements.

Analytics and Tracking to Refine Flow

The AI-powered personalization engine easily analyze the activities and decide personalized rewards that motivate your customers, and segment them based on their performance for accelerated goal achievement

User-Friendly Interface

An intuitive interface makes the platform a treat to use – the friendly UI entices the users to spend more time on the platform and fulfill the desired referral activities.

End to End Solution that is Trusted by Leading Brands and Loved by Small Businesses​
10 Million+ Users | 1.2B+ Tracked Transactions | 22 Integrated AI Modules
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