Create A Totally Engaging User Experience

With just a few clicks you can foster loyalty for customers and provide an overall experience that goes beyond the transaction. Make your customers feel appreciated as they are seamlessly guided & encouraged to complete more ROI & loyalty generating activities.

Social Engagement

CX360 creates customer engagement journeys that build loyalty and drive brand advocacy. CX360 can easily be integrated with email and social media allowing for customers to quickly spread the word about their great customer experience and why they love your company. CX360 re-imagines and transforms companies from the older less effective methods of engaging and encouraging customers.

Personal Engagement Automated

CX360 easily runs your engagement efforts and automatically promotes customer involvement, interaction and builds community. From Sweepstakes to Wishlists to Leaderboards the various modules that CX360 admins have access to can all be seamlessly implemented to create that personal feel and foster even more commitment to your brand.

Robust Multi-Channel Technology

A responsively designed program where users can engage anytime they want and from anywhere they want with complete ease. Their engagement is smooth and consistent allowing for increased engagement opportunities no matter where the activity occurs – offline, online, and even through phones, it’s all possible with our system.

100% Actionable Data

As CX360 engages customers from multiple access points, it gathers and places rich data at your disposal taking all of the guesswork out of deciding what activities to use and what incentives or rewards are keeping customers motivated and excited about your company. Customer data, prior buying trends, and predictive behavior modeling are all used to identify the most important intervention points – and the best kinds of responses and activities for each – allowing you to easily make adjustments and tweaks as the program matures.

Solve Your Customer Engagement Problems

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