A Retail Manager Store App can provide store managers with a direct line of communication to their employees, allowing them to send real-time updates, messages, and alerts. This can help improve employee engagement and satisfaction by keeping employees informed, engaged, and connected to the store and its objectives. With a mobile app, you can also facilitate peer-to-peer communication among employees, enabling them to share information, collaborate on tasks, and build stronger relationships with one another.
Store managers can track employee performance and provide feedback in real-time.
Apart from these, NextBee’s Retail Store Manager App also helps store managers tailor their coaching and training programs to meet the specific needs of each employee, improving employee satisfaction and performance.
Let’s have a look at the cutting-edge features of NextBee’s Retail Store Manager App:

  1. Custom Goals & Milestones: Create custom goals based on job profiles, experience, qualification,s and skill sets to motivate members to achieve them.
  2. Shift Swapping: This feature ensures that all the shifts are always covered by the right people. Approve or deny requests, and immediately swap members with available staff members.
  3. Onboarding Checklists: Ensure compliance and that your new hires are up-to-date with store policies by creating personalized onboarding checklists.
  4. Individual & Team Contests: Encourage staff members to outperform each other by achieving their daily targets with contests tied to sales or just casual contests that keep the excitement high.
  5. Staff Coaching Module: Ensure that your employees are always ready to handle any situation with relevant coaching that builds skills. Managers can track progress and performance in real-time.
  6. Unlimited Reward Options: Keep employee motivation always high with a choice of rewards. Employees earn exciting rewards for achieving targets and goals.
  7. Employee Discounts: Offer your employees positive experiences with a range of partner discounts that they can use while taking a cab, dining, or traveling.
  8. Personalized Rewards: NextBee’s platform understands the rewards that each employee prefers and suggests to you the rewards that work and which don’t with the power of Machine Learning.
  9. Dynamic Leaderboards: Introduce friendly competition among team members across stores with dynamic leaderboards that display employee performances in real-time.
  10. Digital Badges: Automatically assign virtual badges that act as a symbol of achievement when staff members achieve a milestone.
  11. Kudos Sharing: When a fellow employee performs exceptionally well, fellow team members can share recognition through short written messages, stickers, photos, and even short videos. Managers can approve or reject kudos.
  12. Push Notifications: Get notified of daily goals accomplished, targets achieved, and kudos received. Send your team members important updates and notifications in real-time.
  13. Surveys & Feedback: Quickly deploy personalized surveys and receive important feedback that shows your care about your team members’ experience at the workplace. Implement valuable feedback in your daily process or take necessary action.
  14. Real-Time Messaging: Enable two-way communication to ensure that targets are communicated clearly and any roadblocks are conveyed on time.
  15. Instant Rewards Fulfillment: Our platform offers your employees immediate gratification for their hard work by allowing them to instantly redeem their points for a gift card, physical item, cashback, and more.
  16. No-Commission Reward Options: NextBee offers the utmost flexibility in reward choices. Our rewards are driven by data, not revenue. We never charge any reward commissions. The reward recommendations are purely based on data.
  17. News Feed: Display important notifications, store-related updates, individual contributions, and more in a stream of feed that is available to every store staff on their mobile app.
  18. Detailed Reports & Analytics: Harness the power of predictive analytics and AI to understand what’s driving positive behavior at the store, the roadblocks, rewards, and messages that drive revenue, and more. Keep track of every single detail and monitor performances with detailed reports.

The list of features available in the NextBee Retail Store Manager App isn’t limited to the above-mentioned features. Want to know how the app can help you drive your store sales?

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