1. Shift Swapping: Employees with the same job role can place a shift swap request. Any team member who is available and willing to take up the open slot can send a request. Retail store manager can approve or decline the swap request.
  2. Task Management: Retail store managers can create personalized tasks and assign them to store staff with the NextBee Shift Swapping App. Each task can have a subtask. You can add photos or edit/update a task anytime and the assigned employees will receive a notification instantly.
    Your staff members can view all the tasks assigned to them. Once the store manager feels the task is done, they can mark it as complete.
  3. Employee Scheduling: Retail store managers can create daily, weekly, and monthly schedules for all employees. You can add multiple schedules.
  4. Real-Time Chat: NextBee offers your retail team the convenience of real-time chat. You can create chat groups and add members to specific groups with particular tasks or belonging to a particular team. Team members can share progress reports, send photos, ask questions related to tasks and more. Managers and peer can congratulate each other for getting a task done or upon achieving targets.
  5. Instant Notifications: Shift swapping can quickly become confusing if the team is not up to date with the changes. With NextBee, retail store managers receive instant notifications whenever a staff member places a swift swap request. Upon approval by the manager and acceptance by a peer, all three parties receive a notification. This information also goes to news feed so all the entire team is informed.
    NextBee’s Shift Swapping Apps for retail brands is loaded with features that make shift swapping and scheduling easy without causing confusion within the team. Our shift swapping app also allows retail store managers to reward staff members for 100% attendance.