How Capillary Tech customer loyalty program Solution Fares in Comparison to NextBee’s customer loyalty program Solution for ecommerce brands

If you are an ecommerce business, you already have a lot of competition. We understand you want to ensure that your customers stick around and make loyalty. NextBee is, by far, the best customer loyalty program solution when you compare with the different options in the market.

Capillary Tech, another popular customer loyalty program solution, does a fair of driving loyalty but fails to meet the standards NextBee has set over the years.

Capillary Tech

  • Capillary Tech loyalty program solution is an all-in-one loyalty solution. The low monthly price along with a range of features that drive loyalty make it a popular choice for marketing managers. However, lack of flexibility and relatively slow service leaves room for improvement. It’s a great platform for marketing managers who require basic features, but those looking to outgrow limited functionality would need a scalable solution.


  • NextBee’s leading loyalty program solution is designed to boost repeat purchases for ecommerce brands by employing the power of AI and Machine Learning. Over the years, NextBee has evolved as one of the top companies offering a suite of marketing tools that boost customer lifetime value and accelerate sales through easy-to-deploy engagement programs. Founded in 2010, the company has come a long way along designing custom programs backed by data insights for customers, employees, and partners. Rich intuitive platform takes all integration and support efforts off your shoulders to offer smooth and quick onboarding.


Why loyalty is So Important for ecommerce brands

It’s critical for ecommerce brands (ecommerce) businesses to boost repeat orders (repeat sales) over time. The market’s volatile and your competitors are more than eager to grab a slice of your share. This makes keeping customers engaged a tough task. To top it all off, customer acquisition can be particularly expensive if your customers do not make repeat purchases.

As a matter of fact, 41% revenue of an ecommerce store is contributed by only 8% of its repeat customers. This goes to show how important customer loyalty is. Moreover, the conversion chances of a repeat customer is 60-70%. This means you need to spend less on marketing tactics on loyal customers. Further, according to Adobe, loyal customers spend 17% more per transaction on special occasions and holidays. That is a huge motivation for any ecommerce business to invest in a powerful loyalty program.

A successful marketing strategy caters to the needs and demands of the customers. 71% of marketers say that personalized rewards or incentives help increase repeat purchases, provided the quality of the product or service is good. Following this strategy, almost 54% of companies had witnessed a dramatic increase of 15% in annual sales.

One time buyers can help you kickstart the sales. However, your ecommerce brands business needs long term patrons to ensure consistent revenue growth through repeat orders.

To experience optimum results in real time, you need a simple yet powerful tool to engage your customers. Given the huge market competition, customers go dormant or switch to your competitors. It becomes important to keep them continually engaged.

If you are ecommerce brands, schedule a call with our ecommerce brands expert to see how NextBee can boost your loyalty.

We evaluated the NextBee and the Capillary Tech customer loyalty program solution based on three primary criteria:


Data Insights


Focus on Personalization

More than 50% of consumers in the U.S. prefer to receive personalized communication from retailers via SMS, emails and through apps. They don’t want to be inundated with irrelevant messages and offers. While most marketing managers will agree with this, the fact is that most ecommerce brands businesses do not take the advantage of personalization. Personalization offers opportunities for sales. This is true for customer loyalty program as well. When your customer loyalty program is designed to create user profiles and segment customers automatically, you are able to create several versions of emails, push notifications, offers, and bundles.

A ecommerce brands customer loyalty program that is personalized to its customers will successfully engage its customers during the entire lifecycle and also boost the customer lifetime value. For example, dynamic rewards are a great way to boost in-store and website traffic. By offering rewards tied to purchases, you can motivate your customers to re-engage.


What We Discovered

Capillary Tech offers scope for personalization, but the platform isn’t user friendly, forcing marketing managers to hop on to another customer loyalty program solution.

NextBee’s smart platform builds user profiles to auto-create user profiles based on customer purchase behavior and browsing history. This can then be used to offer specific rewards for different activities. By allowing your customers to choose the activities they want to perform, you offer flexibility and target higher engagement rates. You can identify and drive the sale of select products by offering higher rewards value. You can also send personalized triggered messages related to new offers, contests, and events to boost your conversions. Not only this, the opportunity to upsell and cross-sell increases as you receive expert recommendations on products that are most likely to sell and offer special promotional in-cart offers for promotional bundles. The possibilities are nearly endless.


Visit CX360 to learn more about the leading customer loyalty program solution by NextBee.


Focus on Customization

It might seem a good idea to get a cookie-cutter customer loyalty program solution when you launch. They are easy to deploy, and, most importantly, do not require a lot of thinking over what features to pick and what not to. The fact is: that’s NOT how it works.

Most cookie-cutter customer loyalty program solution have features that most marketing managers don’t know how to use, or they are not needed. This results in increased IT infrastructure costs. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Unless you know what exactly you want, you won’t be able to create a successful loyalty program that will deliver the results you want.

Remember, your program goals will change from time to time. You might initially want to start off by encouraging your customers to enrol in your customer loyalty program and jumpstart activity, but it will change to purchase of specific products, increasing cart value, and motivating them to repurchase often. Of course, it will vary from time to time, so your customer loyalty program needs to adapt to your changing goals.


What We Discovered

Capillary Tech has quite a few good options for you to customize your customer loyalty program. The only drawback is that either the customizations you can do all by yourself are not as effective enough or they are very time taking if the client seeks advanced customizations.

NextBee, on the other hand, offers plug-and-play modules that you can use to customize your customer loyalty program all by yourself. There is little-to-no IT support required from your end. NextBee takes full ownership of deploying the program so you can focus on what you do the best. Almost anything in the customer loyalty program can be customized to help you achieve the results you want. White-labelled customer loyalty program solution and NextBee’s expert graphic design professionals ensure the look and feel of your customer loyalty program matches your website and app.


The opportunities to personalize the customer loyalty program does not end here. You can also boost the sale of specific products with NextBee’s Flexible Rule Configurator that allows you to offer more reward points or better rewards on particular products through variables such product category and SKU. Further, the dashboard can be customized to your needs so you can access all the data you need from one place.

Visit CX360 to learn more about the leading customer loyalty program solution by NextBee.


Focus on Data Insights

In order for your customer loyalty program to deliver results, you must be able to steer it in the right direction. But how do you do that? McKinsey discovered that marketing managers that use customer data analytics to make business decisions see a growth of 126% in profits as compared to companies that don’t.

Most companies today already generate mountains of data. The irony is they don’t know how to gather it in a readable format so they can improve their customer loyalty program. And this is absolutely essential if you want to build targeted product recommendations and offers. If your customers do not feel they are receiving relevant product information, they might take their business somewhere else – to another company that is more receptive to their needs and requirements. That said, it is easier said than done. You must be able to analyze heaps of data containing valuable information such as demographics, purchase frequency, lifestyle, product category, and value and the segment your customers to be able to send targeted product recommendations to customers with similar interests. Intelligent analytics can help you do that.


What We Discovered

Capillary Tech is a popular customer loyalty program solution due to the sheer fact that it allows program managers to quickly go live. However, when it comes to learning algorithms, it becomes tough for Program Managers to identify and segment customers due to lack of deep data insights. This leaves little-to-no room for improvement in program and customer experience.

NextBee’s Intelligent Analytics, powered by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithm, create user profiles based on their real-time and historical purchase data and suggest targeted recommendations that convert better. They analyse buying patterns – for eg, what time of the day do your customers buy often, any special occasion, or right after a product launch – and create time-sensitive promotions based on the valuable data. NextBee’s personalized dashboard allows Program Managers to easily track all loyalty rewards activity and purchases – online and offline, offering more control.


Visit CX360 to learn more about the leading customer loyalty program solution by NextBee.


Capillary Tech Features NextBee Features
POS Rewards
SKU Level Rewards
Custom Reward Rules
Multiple Reward Options
Tiered Rewards Structure
Free Rewards Fulfillment
Auto-Bundling of Products/Services
User-Friendly Rewards Management Platform

NextBee Offers a Seamless Experience with Ready-to-Use Integrations

NextBee’s customer loyalty program solution integrates with nearly any POS, CRM and ESP, allowing you to extract, update, and manage relevant data from a single source.

Integration with CRMs: By integrating your customer loyalty program easily with Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, Oracle, Dynamics 365, and others, NextBee allows you to combine and update data from social media, mobile applications, in-store interactions that create a user persona for each customer.

Integration with POS Systems: You can integrate with nearly any POS system to record purchases and rewards earned on an ecommerce website or at a physical store.

Integration with ESP Software: NextBee makes it easy for you to keep track of results from almost every newsletter, offer, or reminder emails, enabling triggered communication points, by integrating your customer loyalty program with popular ESPs like MailChimp, SendGrid, Constant Contact, Sendinblue, and others.


It doesn’t come as a surprise why NextBee has built a reputation for designing successful customer loyalty programs for esteemed organizations. The flexibility and control they offer program managers guarantees success. Here what NextBee clients have to say:

We are using NextBee to drive loyalty from our current user base and accelerate our word of mouth marketing efforts. We have received significant results on both ends in getting better retention and referral based new business growth. NextBee is uniquely positioned to map business objectives of engagement with workflows that are powered by engagement science. The product provides rich set of features to drive user engagement as well as a very extensive set of metrics and analytical insights that help optimize the program. The accounts team is always responsive and available to help and goes beyond expectation to help get results.
– Leslie C., Mid-Market
We initially started working with NextBee a couple of years ago to host our referral program. Our tech stack was quite unique and they were really the only ones open to customization based on what we wanted and we have had no issues since. We really wanted to increase lead generation through partner and customer channels which is definitely something we have significantly improved.
– Akshay S., Head of UX Design & Research

If you would like to check out details on our customer loyalty program solution, please visit CX360 for more information or to schedule a demo.

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